[Preview 1] [Preview 2] Have you ever had a dream? Sure, you might answer, it's something that's very commonplace isn't it? But what if, everything you dreamed, could determine your everything? What if it controlled what you did, where you went, or who you met? Would you still consider it a dream? or a curse? This is the story of those, who's dreams determine everything, but...

A dream has to end somewhere right?


Blue Lagoona is headquarters of the Blue Patriots located in the Sky Veil's Water System. It has been a prison planet for ECHO, but with the Fall of Nimbus and the threat of the Pillar Alliance brought to the Fifth Swell, control of the island is handed over to the Blue Patriots. S.E.H.P. the last division of ECHO left on the island is finishing their experimentation on imprisoned Dreamers before returning to ECHO Base. But before they leave, the Color Gangs stage multiple revolts and anarchy erupts on the sky island.


Blue Patriots

Green Harbingers

Yellow Sappers

Red Daggers




  • Kaine - A newly reborn Dreamer, she has yet to discover her Mask.
  • Bedros - Known as the "Crazed Dog", he is a dwarf looking for vengeance on Shadow V for manipulating him in the past, causing the death of someone he was close to.
  • Cotinori - A former member of R.O.D., she left after she was raped by Reiki. She holds the Martyr (Mask), which allows her to give renew other's dreams, but causes her misfortune. She was the one that revived Manna, who had been eaten many years prior to her own birth.
  • Nemu - A member of the Black Tie Gang, she arrives on Blue Lagoona to report on the situation there.
  • Vespera - A civilian, she uses the chaotic situation to stage a coup de tat on Blue Lagoona.


Story Summary

  • Kaine has a dream about killing her sister, she wakes up and calls out to her sister, before realizing she has no sister.
  • Deadmaster arrives on Blue Lagoona, he/she is wearing a breathing mask and is carrying a ragged suitcase, he/she mentions that is has begun.
  • An ECHO transport ship leaves port, Delort mentions to his division that the next one will leave in two-weeks, so they need to get everything done by then, they salute him as he leaves.
  • Bedros arrives on Blue Lagoona and passes by D.Master, he holds a locket in his hand, a fiery aura in his eyes.
  • Big Ben hears a report from a subordinate about the ECHO transport leaving, he also hears that the other Color Gangs may have infiltrated the sky island. Ben calls for his ship, he doesn't want the other gangs to have all the fun.
  • Meer reports to Manna that only S.E.H.P. is left on the planet, she advices that the operation start tonight, Manna agrees.
  • Delort signs the sky island government charter, handing over administrative duties to the Blue Patriots, he hands the documents to Kimmie and notes if all Blue Patriots were young and alluring as her, she brushes it off and thanks him for his cooperation. Leas bonks Delort on the head and tells him he has a wife.
  • Shadow V visits a cafe and sits down next to Kaine, she asks if he is the informant, he tells her he is and hands her a picture of a girl that looks similar to her, but with red hair instead of silver, remarking "This is your sister."
  • Manna sneezes and Meer remarks that someone, somewhere must be talking about her.
  • Big Ben is in his airship, he gets a video message from Sonno-Rin asking if he would like her Code Reds for this mission, he tells her it won't be necessary. After the message ends, he remarks how she is a always trying to find an opportunity to usurp him, the ship captain agrees but also tells him that most Red Daggers can't be trusted. Ben agrees as he back-fists one of his former subordinates that tried to stab him in the back. The subordinate hits the wall and his skull shatters, leaving a bloody mess.
  • Sonno-Rin is agitated because Ben cut her off, her subordinate asks her if she should disobey, she remarks that it's not the right time to backstab Ben yet.
  • Kakeru enters a medical room, a doctor hands him a clipboard, he skims through it. A girl is tied down to the table with members of the medical team around her, she begs him to let her go, but he instead commands the medical team to sedate her, after putting the clipboard away.