"You know what's great about us being us? The madness and destruction of their so called orderly world. Order can not exist with life. We do not offer order, we give CHAOS!" - Tloke, in his speech outside the gates of Arcadia City during the First Faceless War

Ancient beings that originate from the darkest depths of the world. They are immensely powerful and are the main antagonist in the NFWP: Terra World.


UROR in an offense to the Light, took it upon himself to create his own beings, the Faceless Ones. The great First Faceless One led his brethren in rebellion against UROR. The Light caused UROR to be weakened, allowing him to be captured and thrown into THE PIT. There he is devoured constantly by the Faceless Ones.

Appearance and Characteristics

Their main distinction is their lack of a face, hence the name faceless one. They also have many tentacles on their face and sometimes elsewhere on their body and are known to shapeshift into a variety of beings, usually preferring a "beautiful appearance" as they are known to corrupt more than to engage into combat themselves.

Notable Members

These are Faceless Ones who caused great troubles for the world.


Types of Faceless Ones

Known Abilities and Techniques

  • Quickening - Process used to turn creatures into Faceless.


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